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February 28, 2013
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Too Tough To Die by PaulHanley Too Tough To Die by PaulHanley
This is one of two screenprints I have debuting March 7th at Austin's Guzu Gallery. It's part of their show "Deep Cuts: 12" Tributes to Our Favorite Music Heroes". I don't think it gets more musically heroic than the Ramones, so they were easily my first choice. No offense to the greatness of Marky, Tommy, CJ, etc- but I decided to focus on Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee. Not just b/c of the obvious (and tragic) common factor of them having left us way too early, but also b/c they were the part of the lineup that never changed through the first ten years. And all three of 'em just frickin' ROCK. You don't get cooler than these three guys. Ya just don't.

This screenprint's limited to a run of 100, signed and numbered. It'll be available online after the show opens here: [link]

Here's more info about the show, courtesy of Guzu's press release:

When you love music like we do, Spring Break is the best time of the year in Austin. That's when one of the largest, and most anticipated music festivals on the planet crashes head first into the Live Music Capital of the World. Which festival is that? Here's a hint in four letters: S,X,S,W. A host of travelers from around the globe swarm to our great city for ten resounding days of unrivaled entertainment. What better way to honor this melodious tradition than with a little noise of our own?

Deep Cuts: 12" Tributes to Our Favorite Music Heroes

We asked over 20 artists to choose a beloved music icon, cult hero or legend and let his/her creativity spill to paper. There were, however, three conditions:

One, the artwork must be a screen print; two, the artwork must be album cover size; and three, the artwork must cost $25.

Oh yeah, and four — the artwork must kick ass, of course.

The opening reception will be Thursday, March 7th from 7 to 10pm and the artwork will remain up through April 7th. In the classic Guzu style, we will have live music on opening night to shake the walls and rattle the art…with performances by Austin bands Tactics and Yum. Complimentary beverages will be provided by Heineken and Hops & Grain Craft Brewery.

We hope to see you at the gallery but if you can't make it out, each limited edition print will be available in our online store. Stay tuned for more info as the days get closer to show time!
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oh i love this!!!
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RAMONES!! So awesome!
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This would look really good on the wall. Bet it sells/sold out in no time!
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great color scheme
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this is soooo cool :D
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Psycho therapy!!! Psycho therapy!!! All they wanna give me. I am a teenage schizoid the one your parents despise. Psycho Therapy!!! Now I got glowing eyes.
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Groovy :)
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