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March 17, 2010
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The Many Deaths of Batman 2 by PaulHanley The Many Deaths of Batman 2 by PaulHanley
Well, here's the second installment of my webcomic idea, "The Many Deaths of Batman (and Sometimes Robin)". This time it's Croc's turn...

My pal and fellow DA'er Draculasaurus [link] was nice enough to do the art duties this time out, and I love what he came up with. I'm a big fan of Drac's work- especially his eponymous webcomic (for the moment available exclusively here: [link] ) .

There's still plenty more scripts for this series waiting to be drawn. Anyone else want a crack at one?
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awww poor croc
WarGreymon43 Jan 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
If Killer Croc just accepted'll be less painful. :D
It would be PERFECT if Croc didn't look like a silly anthropomorfic crocodile!
PaulHanley May 22, 2010  Professional
Well... it is a very silly story. The design for Croc is probably my favorite thing about this- I crack up every time I look at the panel of him staring at his own reflection.
whosname Mar 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
:D Nice one!

I think I can give it a try, what do you have?
Yes! do it.
I'd love to see your take on one of these.
-Paul's scripts are actually very short.
It wouldn't be that big of a project. I added in a bunch of shtuff 'cause I felt like it. Realistically, they only need to be four or five panels long.
Do it!
whosname May 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I've been working in one (I'm not sure what's taking me this long)
Soon it will be finished. :)
PaulHanley Mar 24, 2010  Professional
Alejandra- I'd LOVE to see your take on one! :D Right now, there're installments written for the Penguin, the Ratcatcher, Joker, the Calendar Man, the Mad Hatter, and Riddler (though I need to finish some dialogue on that one). I've also got ideas for Ra's-Al-Ghul, KGBeast/ NKVDemon, Mr. Freeze, and Bookworm. There's also a spin-off story "The One Death of Alfred Pennyworth", which I think would suit your style perfectly. If ya send me an e-mail address, I can send the scripts your way- or I can maybe just cut-and-paste 'em and send them to ya as a DA note- your call. :)
DarkKnightJRK Mar 21, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Poor Croc. Poor Batman. :(

"Anyone else want a crack at one?"

I'd give it a shot. :)
FMADragonboy Mar 21, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
poor killer crock and OMG IT"S THE DOCTOR!!!
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