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The Infinite Companion (annotated edition) by PaulHanley The Infinite Companion (annotated edition) by PaulHanley

So here's a much-requested "key" to the companions group shot. 

The Infinite Companion by PaulHanley

Obviously what defines a "companion" is mega-subjective (even the BBC branding division can't seem to decide just what that word means).  So don't take any inclusions or exclusions too seriously.  There's plenty of folks I would've loved to include who you can make a case for- Vincent Van Gogh, Olla, William Shakespeare, Kate Stewart, Lynda with a "Y", Sally Sparrow, a LOT of one-off companions from the books, etc.  Just know that I researched the hell out of this and included as many characters as any one sane person with a semblance of a life could.  Damn near everyone got considered (except Splinx- who I'm really annoyed I didn't know about till this was done).  Huge thanks to all the people at Tardis Data Core for creating an indispensable resource for making this:…

I've tried to keep the notes pithy and non-spoilery.  Each entry only mentions the media the character is mainly associated with, not all (for example, it's a given that most of the TV companions have also turned up in audio plays, comics, etc).


1) The TARDIS- Type 40 time capsule.  Arguably the Doctor's longest-serving companion.  Alive.  Sexy. (TV)


2) Kevin- Mild Mannered android T-Rex.  Companion of the 11th Doctor.  (IDW Comics)


3) Raine Creevey-  Socialite safecracker.  Companion of the 7th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


4) Barnabus- Robot built by the 2nd Doctor.  Maker of meals, preparer of tea, and thrasher of distrustful aliens.  (from the 60s "TV Comic" strip)


5) Thomas Brewster- 19th Century TARDIS thief.  Companion of the 5th and 6th Doctors.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


6) Canton Everett Delaware III- 60s FBI agent in exile.  Enemy of the Silence.  Ally of the 11th Doctor. (TV) 


7) Decky Flamboon- Shapeshifter from Sirius.  Lost in space.  Companion of the 11th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Adventures comics)


8) John Riddell-  Somewhat pigheaded big game hunter.   Associate of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


9) Abigail Pettigrew-Tragic songstress.  Tamer of flying sharks.  Sometimes frozen.  Companion of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


10) Crystal- Less tragic songstress, but helped save Margaret Thatcher... so debatably still tragic.  Companion of either the 3rd, 6th, or "Greenpeace" Doctor. ("The Ultimate Adventure" stage play)


11) Kazran Sardick- Richest man in Sardicktown.  Master of the skies.  Despised Christmas.  Changed his mind.  Companion of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


12) Angus "Gus" Goodman- American fighter pilot.  Alternate Universe resident.  Companion of the 5th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


13) Miranda Dawkins- The 8th Doctor's adopted daughter.  Empress of the Needle.  (BBC Books)


14) Gemma Griffin- Companion of the 8th Doctor.  Slave of Davros. Forgotten. (Big Finish audio dramas)


15) Liv Chenka- Medical technician.  Associate of the 7th Doctor, companion of the 8th.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


16) Samson Griffin- Gemma's librarian brother.  Also a slave of Davros. (Big Finish audio dramas)


17) Sally Morgan- Orphan.  Soldier.  Fighter of Elder Gods.  Companion of the 7th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


18) Professor Edward Travers- Anthropologist.  Explorer.  Yeti-hunter.  Ally of the 2nd Doctor. (TV)


19) Lysandra Aristedes- Director of The Forge.  Inhabitant of the Black TARDIS.  Companion of the 7th Doctor.   (Big Finish audio dramas)


20 Jeremy Fitzoliver- Photographer.  Bumbler. Coworker of Sarah Jane Smith.  Sometimes-companion of the 3rd Doctor. (BBC Radio plays)


21) Idris- Crazy bitey lady.  Other form of Sexy. Companion of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


22) Winston Churchill- UK Prime Minister.  Ally of the Doctor in various incarnations- most notably the 6th and 11th. (TV/BBC Books)


23) Duggan- Detective.  Breaker of objects.  Dealer of the Most Important Punch in History. Ally of the 4th Doctor.  (TV)


24) Brian Williams- Watcher of cubes.  Keeper of logs.  Rory's dad.  Accidental companion of the 11th Doctor.   (TV)


25) Vicki Pallister- Plucky space castaway.  Cressida.  Companion of the 1st Doctor.  (TV)


26) Oliver Harper- Troubled 1960s city trader.  Keeper of secrets.  Companion of the 1st Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


27) Sabalom Glitz- Associate of the 6th and 7th Doctors.  Criminal.  Scoundrel.  Not beyond redemption. (TV)


28) Sir Justin of Wells- Knight.  Christian.  Demonslayer.  Companion of the 5th Doctor.   (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


29) Jackie Tyler- Concerned mum.   Il Divo fan.  Dalek-killer.  Ally of the 9th and 10th Doctors.  (TV) 


30) Lady Serena- Time Lady.  CIA agent (the other one).  Companion of the 2nd Doctor. (BBC Books)


31) Compassion- Stroppy Redhead.  TARDIS.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (BBC Books)


32) Astrid Peth- Waitress.  Alien.  Stardust.  Would-be-companion of the 10th Doctor.  (TV)


33) Jason- 18th Century French aristocrat.  Guillotine-dodger. Companion of either the 3rd, 6th, or "Greenpeace" Doctor. ("The Ultimate Adventure" stage play)


34) Richard Mace- 17th Century highwayman.  Out-of-work actor.  Ally of the 5th Doctor.  Took a short trip in the TARDIS, but decided fighting the Great Fire of London was probably a safer activity.  (TV)


35) Adam Mitchell- Genius.  Failed companion of the 9th Doctor.  Cloaked figure. (TV/ IDW Comics)


36) Grant Markham-  22nd century Computer programmer.  New Earth resident.  Companion of the 6th Doctor.  (Missing Adventures novels)


37) The Master- Would-be-universal-conqueror.  Snooty android.  Stuck in the TARDIS.  Companion of the Shalka Doctor. (Scream of the Shalka BBC webcast)


38) Alex Campbell- Earthly Child.  Susan's son.  The Doctor's great-grandson. (Big Finish audio dramas)


39) Alison Cheney- Barmaid. Companion of the Shalka Doctor. (Scream of the Shalka BBC webcast)


40) Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzalez- New York City waitress.  Companion of the 10th Doctor.  (Titan Comics)


41) The Graak- Amorphous blob.  Creation of the Doctor.  Hero.  ("Destiny of the Doctors" video game)


42)  Philippa "Flip" Jackson- 21st century girl.  Slight reckless streak.  Companion of the 6th Doctor (and briefly Davros).  (Big Finish audio dramas)


43)  Abslom Daak- Convict.  Dalek Killer.  Life-giver.  Ally of the 7th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


44)  Chris Cwej- 30th Century Adjudicator.  Companion of the 7th Doctor. (New Adventures novels) 


45)  Roz Forrester- Chris's partner.  Companion of the 7th Doctor. (New Adventures novels) 


46)  Stacy Townsend- Space freighter worker.  Cybermen survivor.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (8th Doctor Radio Times comic strip)


47)  Ssard- Ice Warrior guard from early Martian history.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (8th Doctor Radio Times comic strip)


48)  Jenny- Soldier.  Adventurer.  Sort-of-daughter of the 10th Doctor.  (TV)


49)  Tamsin Drew- Struggling actress.  Contest winner.  Companion of the 8th Doctor and other renegade Time Lords...   (Big Finish audio dramas)


50) Ben Jackson- Stalwart sailor.  Companion of the 1st and 2nd Doctors.  (TV)


51) Alice Uwaebuka Obiefune- London librarian.  Companion of the 11th Doctor. (Titan Comics)


52) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley-  Author.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


53) Courtney Woods- Disruptive Influence.  Saved the moon.  Possible future US President.  Briefly a companion of the 12th Doctor. (TV)


54) Captain Adelaide Brooke- Commander of Bowie Base One.  Historical figure.  Briefly an ally of the 10th Doctor. (TV)


55) Beatrix "Trix" MacMillan- Con artist. Thief.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (BBC Books)


56) Katarina-  Servant of Cassandra, princess of Troy.  Traveled with Zeus in the Palace of Perfection.  Companion of the 1st Doctor. (TV) 


57) Mathew Finnegan- Runner at United Studios. Companion of the 10th Doctor.  Turlough or an Adric? (IDW Comics)


58) Neferneferuaten Nefertiti- Vanished Egyptian Queen.  Associate of the 11th Doctor. (TV)


59) Henry Gordon Jago- Intrepid impressario.  Daring detective.   Auteur of alliterative articulation.  Companion of the 6th Doctor and ally of the 4th.  (TV/ Big Finish audio dramas)


60) Professor George Litefoot - Victorian gentleman.  Professional coroner.  Amateur investigator.  Companion of the 6th Doctor and ally of the 4th and 8th. (TV/ Big Finish audio dramas)


61) Professor Evelyn Smythe- Heroic history teacher.  Companion of the 6th Doctor, and an ally of the 7th. (Big Finish audio dramas)


62) Adric- Alzarian stowaway.  Outsider.  Badge for excellence in mathematics.  Companion of the 4th and 5th Doctors.  (TV)


63) Cinder- War orphan.  Dalek Hunter.  Companion of the War Doctor.  (BBC Books)


64) Chang Lee- San Francisco street thug.  Companion of the Master turned ally of the 8th Doctor. (TV)


65) Victoria Waterfield-  Orphan.  Formidable screamer.  Companion of the 2nd Doctor.  (TV)


66) Catherine "Cat" Broome.  Companion of the 7th Doctor. Suffered from memory gaps.  (Telos Novellas)


67) Izzy Sinclair- Stockbridge fangirl.  Was a fish for a while.  Long-serving companion of the 8th Doctor. (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


68 & 69)  Angie & Artie Maitland- Children babysat by Clara Oswald.  Blackmailed their way into being companions of the 11th Doctor, the little Daleks... (TV) 


70)  Abby/ Amy- Tracer.  Creation of the Grace.  Seeker of the Key to Time.  Companion of the 5th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


71)  Craig Owens- Roommate and ally of the 11th Doctor.  (TV) 


72)  Alfie "Stormageddon" Owens- Dark Lord of All. (TV) 


73)  Fey Truscott-Sade.  Early 20th Century spy.  Merged entity.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic) 


74)  Nyssa of Traken.  Scientist.  Loving daughter.  Companion of the 4th and 5th Doctors.  (TV) 


75)  Max Edison- Stockbridge resident.  UFO chaser.  Ally of the 5th, 8th, and 10th Doctors. (Doctor Who Magazine comic) 


76)  Herbert George Wells- Teacher and author.  Accidental companion of the 6th Doctor, ally of the 10th. (TV/ IDW Comics) 


77)  Hannah Bartholemew- Early 20th Century huntress and adventuress. TARDIS stowaway.  Companion of the 5th Doctor.   (Big Finish audio dramas)


78)  Will Arrowsmith- UNIT science geek.  Assistant to Dr. Elizabeth Klein.  Companion of the 7th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


79)  Lady Christina de Souza- Cat burglar.  Thrill-seeker.  Nobility.  Ally of the 10th and 11th Doctors. (TV/ IDW Comics) 


80) Molly O'Sullivan- WWI nurse.  Irish.  Dark eyes.  Not easily impressed.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


81) Majenta Pryce- Vessican hotelier.  Arch-criminal.  Companion of the 10th Doctor. (Doctor Who Magazine comic) 


82) Anji Kapoor- London stockbroker.    Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (BBC Books)


83) C'Rizz- Troubled denizen of the Divergent Universe.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


84) Polly Wright- 60s secretary.  Under-appreciated procurer of tea and coffee.  "Duchess".  Companion of the 1st and 2nd Doctors. (TV)


85) Dr. Elizabeth Klein- Nazi super-scientist hellbent on universal domination.  Got better.  Companion of the 7th Doctor. (Big Finish audio dramas)


86) Wilfred "Wilf" Mott- Ex paratrooper.  Amateur astronomer.  Donna's grandad.  Four knocks.  Last companion of the 10th Doctor.   (TV)


87) Thomas Hector "Hex" Schofield- Nurse.  Cassie's boy.  Companion of the 7th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


88) Heather McCrimmon- History student.  Descendant of Jamie.    Companion of the 10th Doctor. (Doctor Who Adventures comic) 


89) Samantha "Sam" Jones-  Student and activist.  Companion of the 8th Doctor. (BBC Books) 


90) Emily Winter- 1920s Hollywood actress.  Didn't die when she was supposed to.  Companion of the 10th Doctor.   (IDW Comics)


91) Steven Taylor- Dashing starship pilot.  Companion of the 1st Doctor.  HiFi, his lucky stuffed "mascot", may or may not have had some relation to Panda, Iris Wildthyme's companion.   (TV)


92) Barbara Wright-  History teacher at Coal Hill school.  Companion of the 1st Doctor. (TV) 


93) Iris Wildthyme-  Transtemporal adventuress.  Possibly sometimes a Time Lord.  Pictured here in her "Barbarella" incarnation.  Companions include the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Doctors.  (BBC Books/ Big Finish audio dramas)


94) Ian Chesterton-  Science teacher at Coal Hill school.  Companion of the 1st Doctor. (TV) 


95) Susan- the Doctor's granddaughter and original companion. (TV)


96) John Benton- Affable UNIT soldier.  Ally of the 3rd and 4th Doctors. (TV)


97) Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown- American botany student.  Companion of the 5th Doctor and long-suffering caretaker of the 6th.  (TV)


98)  Dorothea "Dodo" Chaplet- Huguenot descendant.  Companion of the 1st Doctor. (TV)          


99) Frobisher- Alien shapeshifter and former private detective.  Decided to stay a penguin for personal reasons.  Companion of the 6th and 7th Doctors.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


100)  Melanie "Mel" Bush-  Pease Pottage resident.  Computer programmer.  Timey wimey timeline.  Companion of the 6th and 7th Doctors.  (TV)


101) Harry Sullivan- Navy surgeon.  UNIT officer.  Unwitting time traveler.  Not an imbecile.  Companion of the 4th Doctor.  (TV)


102) Danny Pink- Maths teacher (not PE).  Soldier.  Boyfriend.  Companion of Clara Oswald and most definitely not one of the 12th Doctor. (TV)


103) Captain Mike Yates (Ret.)- UNIT officer.  Ally of the 3rd Doctor and companion of the 4th. (TV/BBC audio plays)


104)  Jackson Lake- Troubled 19th Century schoolteacher.  Ally of the 10th Doctor.  (TV)


105)  Rosita- Former prostitute.  Defender of Britain.  Companion of Jackson Lake.  Ally of the 10th Doctor. (TV)    


106)  Antranak- Egyptian cat.  TARDIS resident.  Annoyance of the 5th Doctor. (Big Finish audio dramas)


107) Erimem- Egyptian Princess.  Great Aunt of Nefertiti.    Companion of the 5th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


108) Dr. Grace Holloway.  Gifted surgeon (of human anatomy).  Sort-of companion of the 8th Doctor. (TV)


109)  Kroton- Soulful Junior Cyberleader.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic)


110)  Madame Vastra- Silurian.  Great Detective.  Eats people.   Ally of the 11th and 12th Doctors.  (TV)


111)  Sharon Davies- Former schoolgirl.  Grew up quick.  Companion of the 4th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Weekly comic)


112)  Jenny Flint- Maid.  Investigator.  Defender of the British Empire.  Ally of the 11th and 12th Doctors.  (TV)


113) Mrs. Fenalla Wibbsey- Companion (and housekeeper) of the 4th Doctor.  (BBC audio dramas)


114) Destrii- Reformed criminal.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Doctor Who Magazine comic) 


115) Kamelion- Android slave of the Master.  Companion of the 5th Doctor. (TV)


116) Sara Kingdom- Agent of the Space Security Service and Mavic Chen.  Companion of the 1st Doctor. (TV) 


117) Wolsey- Joan Redfern's cat.  Gift to the 7th Doctor.  Later kept by Bernice Summerfield. (New Adventures novels) 


118) Professor Bernice Summerfield.  Slightly boozy  archaeologist.  Longest-serving companion of the 7th Doctor and briefly one of the 8th. (New Adventures novels/ Big Finish audio dramas) 


119) Fitz Kreiner- Former 1960s floral shop employee.  A lot happened after that.  Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (BBC Books)


120) Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw- Cambridge scholar.  UNIT scientific adviser.  Assistant (and companion) of the 3rd Doctor. (TV) 


121) Tegan Jovanka- Australian airline stewardess.  Mouth on legs.  Brave heart. Companion of the 5th Doctor.  (TV)


122) Lucie Miller- Companion of the 8th Doctor.  Defeated the Daleks.  Saved the bleedin' world. Companion of the 8th Doctor.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


123) Dr. Martha Jones- Medical student.  Doctor.  UNIT officer.  Defender of the Earth.  Loyal companion of the 10th Doctor. (TV)

124) Zoe Heriot- Resident of The Wheel.  Fashionable super-genius.   Companion of the 2nd Doctor (and possibly smarter than him). (TV)


125) Gillian- Granddaughter of the Doctor, and traveled with him in his 1st and 2nd incarnations.  Possibly imaginary.  (1960s "TV Comic" strip)


126) Jo Grant- Sweet-natured assistant/ companion of the 3rd Doctor.  Later an ally of the 11th. (TV)


127) Donna Noble- Opinionated "super temp".  Would-be bride.  Turned right.  Companion of the 10th Doctor.  (TV)


128) "Captain Jack Harkness" (real name unkown)-  51st Century Time Agent from the Boeshane Peninsula.  Con artist.  Companion of the 9th and 10th Doctors.  Director of Torchwood Three.  Immortal. (TV) 


129)  Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - Founder of UNIT.  One of the Doctor's oldest friends, and one of the very few who could claim to have been his "boss".  Shared adventures with at least ten of the Doctor's incarnations.  Splendid chap.  (TV)


130) Mickey Smith.  Auto mechanic from the Powell Estates.  Not the tin dog.  Associate of the 9th Doctor, companion of the 10th.  (TV)


131) Sarah Jane Smith- The Doctor's best friend. (TV)


132) Strax- Sontaran commander turned nurse turned butler.  Died at Demon's Run. Got better.  Enjoys grenades and melting things with acid.  Ally of the 11th and12th Doctors.  (TV)


133) "Handles"- Decapitated Cyberman.  Longest-serving companion of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


134) John- Gillian's brother.  Also possibly imaginary.  Companion of the 1st and 2nd Doctors.  (1960s "TV Comic" strip)


135) Dorium Maldovar- Criminal entrepreneur.  Sort-of killed by the Headless Monks.  Sort-of ally of the 11th Doctor.  (TV)


136) K-9- Tin dog.  Smart aleck.  Four known versions.  Companion of the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.  (TV)


137) K-9 Mk II (boxed). (TV)


138) Rory Williams- Nurse.  Lone Centurion.  Sometimes dead.  Companion of the 11th Doctor. (TV) 


139) Amelia "Amy" Pond- Ex-kissogram.  Model.  Author.  Girl Who Waited. First and definitive companion of the 11th Doctor. (TV)  


140) Romana II-Companion of the 4th Doctor.  Renegade.  President of the High Council of Time Lords.  The noblest Romana of them all.  (TV)


141) Romana I- Romanavoratrelundar.  Prefers "Fred".  Time Lady of the House of Heartshaven.  Companion of the 4th Doctor.  (TV)


142) Charlotte "Charley" Pollard- Airship employee.  Edwardian Adventuress.  Devoted companion of the 8th Doctor (and one other).  (Big Finish audio dramas)


143) Ramsay- Vortisaur.  Kept in the TARDIS for a time while being rehabilitated by the 8th Doctor and Charley Pollard.  (Big Finish audio dramas)


144) Leela- Warrior of the Sevateem.  Noble savage.  Companion of the 4th Doctor. (TV) 


145) Rose Tyler- Former department store employee. Met some Autons.  Met the Doctor.  Ran.  A lot happened from there.  Companion of the 9th and 10th Doctors.  (TV)


146) Professor River Song- Archaeologist.  Assassin.  The Doctor's (other) wife.  Companion of the 11th Doctor and ally of the 10th (in that order). (TV) 


147) Dorothy "Ace" McShane- Juvenile delinquent.  Amateur demolitions expert.  Wicked!  Faithful companion of the 7th Doctor.  (TV)


148) James Robert "Jamie" McCrimmon- Jacobite piper.  Fought for the McClarens at Culloden. Definitive companion of the 2nd Doctor and ally of the 6th.  (TV)


149) Vislor Turlough- Pragmatic political exile.  Servant of the Black Guardian.  Would-be-killer of the 5th Doctor, later one of his companions. (TV)


150) Zog- Cute, furry Aldeberian.  Possible secret despot.  Companion of either the 3rd, 6th, or "Greenpeace" Doctor. ("The Ultimate Adventure" stage play)


151) Captain- Hornet-possessed wild dog rescued by the 4th Doctor and Mike Yates.  Briefly a resident of Nest Cottage.  (BBC audio dramas)


152) Clara Oswald- Nanny.  Schoolteacher.  Impossible Girl.  Companion of the 11th and 12th Doctors, ally of all the rest.  (TV)

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alisonm47 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Student Artist
Love it! I miss her and the doctor already
yearofluigi Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016
If you'r going to include Richard Mace of all people, why not Will Chandler from "The Awakening"?
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Professional
B/c I like Richard Mace more? :P

Seriously though- it's a fair question, but isn't Jane Hampden from the same story even more deserving?  (Side note- in prose stories, it's suggested that both became actual companions for a while.)  And what about Commander Scott from "Earthshock", Bret Vyon or Vincent Van Gogh?  The picture would have been 4 times as big if I'd included every name I came up with when I started brainstorming this.  Like I said in the description, it's arbitrary and best not to take too seriously. ;)   
khiirhiidhos Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
akirajay38 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
If the Doctor Saved Handles, Does that make the Doctor Handle's Messiah?
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I see what you did there...

Thumbs up!
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I have posted that comment everywhere I see Handles on social media and not one response. It's been two years and you're the first person to say something. Thank you. Lol.
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Musicians need to stick together, and you're welcome! :D (Big Grin) 
akirajay38 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Music and Mathematics, the only universal languages. 
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I love Captain Jack Harkness. xD

he is the best :,D
OttselSpy24 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Only person that I can think of being missing is Gareth jenkins!
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Professional
Gareth was erased from history during the Time War, when the Dalek Time Controller purged Jimmy Saville out of existence for being too evil (even Daleks have their limits).
OttselSpy24 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Thank you for including Herbert!
lightninglana Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015
Wow, can't believe that even the DWA companions are here, though I'm not sure if I saw Wolfgang 'Wolfie' Ryter here. I'm pretty sure if Heather counts he should. May be that I just missed him. Awesome anyway, especially since I only managed I'd say 20% of these but I did recognise most of the tv ones, but didn't notice Danny or Mike. Did recognise some non- tv ones though.
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Professional
Mike and Danny are there (102 and 103- you may have missed Mike b/c it's the older version from the 4th Doctor "Hornet's Nest" audios, where he was more of a proper companion than the 3rd Doctor days).  But like it says right in the description- this was never meant to be a "complete" accounting of the companions.  It'd be a fool's errand, b/c who does and doesn't count as a companion is subjective, and new ones are being added all the time (Big Finish has announced two since this was finished).  Plus there's just the matter of making an aesthetically good picture.  

Wolfie's one of the ones I did deliberately snub.  His name was one that was on a list at one point and got cut (along with a good 30 other names or so).  It's no offense to the character, it's just that, like your comment implies... the DWA companions aren't exactly the best-known to most Who fans (I only know them myself  through the research for this).  There's only so much room in the pic, so I just took one from the 10th (Heather- made sense b/c of the Jamie connection and b/c she was the longest-running one) and Decky (for being non-human and visually interesting). 
lightninglana Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015
I do know they were there, I was just annoyed I didn't spot them. I was a kid when Heather was in the comics, and a grown up kid when Decky was, so I just have a slight soft spot for them. Not fussed about Wolfie, thought it might be because there were too many to squish into it. This is seriously brilliant though and I can't fathom how patient you must be to have done this as they are all recognisable, if the person seeing it is a big enough whovian. I apparently am not, so kudos to you for being more knowledgeable than me. 
Coolcat1313 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome, great artwork ^.^
jodredd Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
love it
TvsFrank13 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015
Sarah Jane - The Doctor's Best Friend


This is wonderful work, as always. 
LokiTennant Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
That is so amazing.
Betawhofic Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
UNbelievably AWESOME!

 I had no idea there were so many, and I'm a complete Doctor Who nerd. This will come in so handy. And it's so amazingly detailed, I can recognize everyone! (At least the ones I recognize.)

Love the drawing style, it's clean and crisp and clear, and just has a beautiful flow of line.

apattser Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014
It's great! I particularly love how you put Clara at the front because she is my favorite :)
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I love it!! Great Work!!
Wiseguy625 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Nice. I like how you even included handles.
ImafanofTororo Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Wow. 152 companions and associates? The Doctor's been busy for the past 50 years! Who's in the tardis? Time Traveling Llama TARDIS - black The :TARD:IS TARDIS - white 1st Doctor Dance 2nd Doctor Dance 3rd Doctor Dance 4th Doctor Dance 5th Doctor Dance 6th Doctor Dance 7th Doctor Dance 8th Doctor Dance 
danlovejoy Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
well its only 50 years to us, to him it could be a lot more, or much much less, hard to tell with time travelers, its all very wibbley wobbley
GaiaMIX Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
And quite a few of these 152 are either techically not canon, or not exactly "companions". If you include only TV he only had 43 companions technically. (as of the 50th anniversary)

1: Susan
2+3: Ian and Barbara
4: Vicki
5: Steven
6: Dodo
7+8: Ben and Polly
9: Jamie
10: Victoria
11: Zoe
12: Liz
13: Jo
14: Sarah Jane
15: Harry (I always forget to put him in companion lists)
16: Leela
17: K9
18: Romana
19: Adric
20: Nyssa
21: Tegan
22: Turlough
23: Kamelion
24: Peri
25: Mel
26: Ace
27: Grace

if you include the UNIT guys (brig, benton, yates) this becomes 30, and plus Katarina and Sara Kingdom it becomes 32.

33+34: Rose and Mickey
35: Adam
36: Jack Harkness
37: Martha
38: Donna
39: Wilf
40+41: Amy and Rory
42: River Song
43: Clara

Plus the ones canonized in the special...

44: Charley
45: C'Rizz
46: Lucie
47: Tamsin
48: Molly - so 48 companions if you include them.
ImafanofTororo Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
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Impressive work.
4154165 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014
3 things:
2- You forgot Death, or you didn't, I always saw Death as one of his companions, but that's me and wiki thingies.
3- And here was I thinking you couldn't amaze me again... Brilliant work man, simply brilliant and beautiful.
Onwards and Upwards!
fourth-heir Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
I've also never heard of Splinx until now, but having looked her up, it pleases me that the cat I painted on the custom figure I presented to Colin that time happens to bear a resemblance - serendipity is cool ;)
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Excellent Paul! Your short descriptions are hilarious!
And I agree with the others; you should definitely be an honorary companion for your dedication to the subject. Though I don't know if the commissioner would've appreciated that, but it'd be pretty easy to sneak yourself in there somehow!
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I love you included the Graak!

And I agree 153) Paul Hanely - honorary companion!
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153) Paul Hanley - honorary companion
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