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April 26, 2011
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Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters 2 by PaulHanley Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters 2 by PaulHanley
Pencils and Inks by me, colors by the great Charlie Kirchoff [link]

So here's something I've been keeping secret for a very long time- I'm working for IDW!!! Have been for awhile- the road that led to this cover (for the 2nd printing of Kingdom of Monsters #2) started all the way back in November when my friend Tim Doyle suggested I send my Gigan pic [link] to an editor he knew. I had to do some sample art to get approved by Toho, so I whipped this up, and it was liked so much that they decided to run it as a cover. Yeah, I was pretty happy. :)

KOM #1 was the number 16 book in the country last month- so this is easily the highest-profile thing I've ever worked on. The talent they've assembled for the Godzilla books is incredible- Geof Darrow, Eric Powell, even my new pal and fellow Austinite Matt Frank [link] it's humbling to be working in the company of these guys.

And yes, this will probably not be the last "official" Godzilla piece ya see from me, so stay tuned... ;)
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SomeRandomMinion Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
I LOVE IDW's Godzilla series.
I've just started the "Ongoing" line, with Boxer and his crew--holy hell, they're awesome! Seems I have some other series to check out...
Letdragon Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
All this Goji comic awesomeness, I can't keep up! T___T
geekspace Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
Unwritten Tohoverse Rule #47-B: "Regardless of the real-world sensor/munition-range or terrain-masking capability of their vehicles, military units shall move up to within the direct sightline and spitting distance of the targeted monster before ineffectively opening fire, then being dismantled with bestial prejudice."

Anyhow, nice choice of impending tax write-off...we don't see too many MLRS launchers in the four-color venue. The backdrop detail also strikes me as pleasantly atypical for kaiju-action. Big G, of course, is rendered to a T, and those crumbling bits o' forest at his feet lend a great sense of scale.
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Professional
Thanks! And yeah, an MLRS could probably hit him and be just as ineffective from 20 miles away. That's nowhere near as fun though. :D

I wonder what the actual range on MASERs are? :D I mean, some lasers can shoot things in freakin' space- you'd think they'd pick a high spot that was out of Big G's "breathing distance".
geekspace Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
If I recall properly, real-world lasers can be diffused/compromised by atmospheric funk, and Big G tends to kick up plenty of dust/smoke at any rate when he hits a population perhaps at a survivable range for the M-tanks, it'd be less "RRR. Stingy metal box DIE!" and more "Hmm...where's the tickle coming from?"

Come to think of it, fun though Rule-47-B is in practice, it'd give the ineffective military response a bit of credit if their fire was employed as a diversion, luring the beastie in question clear of a population center...or into a ravine to collapse upon its scaly noggin, as seen way back in "Godzilla Raids Again". By no means a long-term solution, but slightly less suicidal than the standard Wall of Pending Slag(TM).

Anyway, best of luck with the good folks at IDW.
OniGojirakaiju Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
This pic I sketched is inspired by your cover pic. :) Humans who shoot at Godzilla don't live very long after that. [link]
DocRedfield Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Featured this in my latest Journal :)
OniGojirakaiju Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
I just got this issue with cover today. Awesome art there Paul. :) I like the Heisei design of Godzilla you used there. Pity the comics never went with that look.

I hope you and the other creators of the new comic will be at G-fest 2011 this July. :)

Here is a sketch I made of the 1991 Godzilla design, many fans see this look as the best design of Godzilla as it shows his power just by looking at his size. 100 meters tall and looks like nothing can get in his way. [link] I put two sketches I did together as if I did make a full pic of his profile, it wouldn't fit.

I hope you guys who did the cover art can do the art for the comic itself someday as to me, the covers pretty much steal the show. The inside art does look like the style that would fit if this comic became a new tv series,and I hope it does.

I honestly would put these covers up there with Dark Horse's Godzilla comic style. and up there with artists like Chris Scalf, Bob Eggleton, and others who've made awesome kaiju art.

I just read issue 3. Creepy twins there, *spoiler* and on Battra's side. I wonder if someone like Miki Saegusa of the Heisei Godzilla films will also make a cameo?
PaulHanley Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Professional
Thanks! This cover was originally a "tryout" piece for the upcoming 'Zilla miniseries GANGSTERS & GOLIATHS. That one is using the Heisei design, so I was instructed to stick to that. Which was fine by me, b/c that's my personal favorite design for G. And btw, the Dark Horse stuff is the pinnacle of 'ZIlla comics for me (especially the Art Adams stuff).

I'd love to hit G-Fest, but can't justify the cost this year. I'm still a "newb" to the G-scene, so I don't think I'd make enough money to cover the trip. Next year, however... well, let's just say I'm hoping I'll be a more familiar name to fans by then. ;)

I'd maybe be up for drawing a SHORT Godzilla story at some point- maybe a one-off or something. Maybe. The style I do for the Godzilla stuff is really time-consuming, so I don't think I could make it work on a time/money basis. For now I'm happy to stick to covers though. IDW's giving me a lot of freedom and it's been pretty fun so far. :)
OniGojirakaiju Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
You're welcome. :)

Art Adam's art inspired me as a kid to start drawing Godzilla, and also many other artists. Your pic also gave me an idea for a new sketch. :)

Say is there a line drawing of your cover sketch and will there be any new sketches of the Heisei Godzilla? :) You should draw the 1991 design man. What about your take on the planned 2012/ 2013 Legendary Pictures Godzilla film? Everyone who is a fan is wondering a lo abut the new movie from creature design to plot.

G-fest is awesome. This year has mainly the spfx directors and producers from some of the films. Last year had Akira Takarada from the original film. He even said he'd like to be in the new movie when that is confirmed. That would make a cool nod to the past films, and the original 1954 movie. Books, movies, model kits, etc.
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