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It's been a while, but I'm open for commissions again. Special rules this time around- it has to be a Doctor Who character from an official source. No OC Doctors, etc like some previous offers. Stuff from non-canon stories is okay, though (so "Scream of the Shalka", "Doctor Who Unbound", etc is all good).

Single Character Color Portrait of a Doctor or Companion w/ no background- $50 (add $10 for full-length shot). I actually recommend the cheaper portraits over full-length shots as they give me more room to work on faces (one way or the other, these all get drawn on the same size sheet of paper, so full length means drawing everything smaller). I'm also willing to be liberal about what counts as a "companion" here- so I'll allow stuff like Iris Wildthyme, Adam Mitchell, Lynda with a "Y", the Cushing movie companions, etc, etc. 

Costume choice is up to you, but I'll decide on the pose (it'll be something reasonably neutral). Bonus points if you give me a companion I haven't drawn before (there's still plenty out there!). ;)
Rose Long Game by PaulHanleyCurator Sm by PaulHanleyJack Empty Child by PaulHanleymartha UNIT by PaulHanleyYoung Sarah Jane 2 by PaulHanleyZog Color by PaulHanley

Leela Sketch by PaulHanleyRiver Song by PaulHanleyBrigadier by PaulHanleyBenny And Wolsey by PaulHanleyVislorTurlough by PaulHanley

Villains, monsters and other supporting characters, add $20 (and another $10 for full length). Simply because Doctors and companions tend to be easier, and some of them can potentially be reused in the "Doctors and Companions" series of collages I've been doing. But I do love drawing me some baddies. No request is too silly- I'm just as happy drawing the Kandy Man, Taran Wood Beast or Chief Caretaker from "Paradise Towers" as I am with the Master or an Ice Warrior...
Davrosweb by PaulHanley  

For literary or audio characters/ costumes, add $20. Basically because that extra creativity and design work takes more time. Keep in mind this doesn't apply to ones where there IS some sort of visual ref. So if you want Charley Pollard in a costume from a Big Finish cover, there's no extra charge. But if you want her in something from "The Stones of Venice" or some other story where she wasn't on the cover...then the charge applies. This also means that characters like Sabbath (no visual ref and not a Doctor or companion) would come out to a pricier $90 or $100 for a full length view (though boy... it sure would be fun to do a take on Sabbath)- whereas a villain like Red Jasper from the audio play "Doctor Who and the Pirates" (which had a couple illustrations dedicated to it in Doctor Who Magazine) would be just $70-$80 because I have some ref to work with.
Cinder Sm by PaulHanley Nyssa Cobwebs Web by PaulHanley Hannah B 2 Sm by PaulHanley

With stock background- add $5 ($40 if I have to draw it from scratch). I have a few things sitting around already that work as generic backgrounds, so if I have one handy that makes sense, it's just $5. If I need to draw and color a new background though... that's $40. And it can't be anything especially complex (I can do one little corner of the McGann console room, but don't expect to see the console in all its super-detailed glory!). Basically just a new background that looks nice and that's appropriate for the character.

Seasons frontispiece rgb small by PaulHanley  Rose Sm by PaulHanley  Nyssa sm by PaulHanley  Nobody No-One by PaulHanley  Thea Ransome (Image of the Fendahl) by PaulHanley  The Shalka Doctor by PaulHanley  The Master by PaulHanley  Dr. Who- Peter Cushing by PaulHanley  Beep the Meep by PaulHanley  Shayde by PaulHanley  State of Change by PaulHanley

AND... a special offer for the high rollers... I'll draw a wide shot of any TARDIS console room!- $200. It can be anything as long as it's from an official source. McCoy's sleek redesigned console room from the 90s comics and New Adventures novels? Sure. The Cushing TARDIS interior? Fine. An interpretation of the ones from stage shows like "Seven Keys to Doomsday" or "The Ultimate Adventure"? Done. 
RTD TARDIS small by PaulHanley  Seven Keys to Doomsday by PaulHanley

All commissions are DIGITAL ONLY and have to be paid for in advance (BUT... I won't take money until I'm ready to start on yours). Also, and this is important- NO REVISIONS ACCEPTED. Think of these as a con sketch- what you get when I'm finished is what you get (I've never had complaints- but I've seen what some artists go through, and it's better to head that off beforehand). Stringent, but that's part of why I can offer these at a much lower rate than my usual commissions. When the piece is finished you'll get hi-rez (300 dpi) file with no watermarks.

I'm going to start off with FIVE slots (with no more than two console room commissions) and we'll see how things go. I may expand that if I'm having fun and it fits in with my other work. :)

UPDATE: Aaaaand less than one hour in, one TARDIS console room slot is already spoken for! Grab them slots while ya can! :D


Paul Hanley
Artist | Professional
United States
Stop-motion movie-maker, commercial artist, and sort-of-pro comic artist. I've done official work for Godzilla and Judge Dredd (for IDW Comics), Firefly (Toy Vault Inc.) and Doctor Who (Titan Comics and the game "Doctor Who Legacy" from Tiny Rebel Games). I'm also known for work on Doctor Who sort-of spinoff character Iris Wildthyme in her various media appearances (via Obverse Books and Big Finish Productions audio dramas).

For those wondering- yes, I do some commissions from time to time- when the money and subject matter is right. I'm not one of those artists who'll draw Power Girl high-kicking Lady Death for X amount of $ (well, unless it's a VERY big X), but when it's a cool project- absolutely! I usually don't do it in a way where someone just throws an idea at me and I draw it exactly- I usually prefer to "cook up" an idea between me and the commissioner (otherwise, it's too much like "real" work). I'm willing to hear anything out, though!

Price-wise, it's all over the place. It all depends on size, complexity, effort, etc. Just keep in mind, I don't take on anything for less than $60, as it's just not worth it on a time/ money basis.

I don't do fanzines or other non-paying gigs. Sorry.

Current Residence: the outskirts of Austin, Texas (in Leatherface Country)
Favourite genre of music: Punk (up until about '84)
Favourite photographer: Berenice Abbott
Skin of choice: leopard or coral?
Favourite cartoon character: Howard the Duck

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BadWolf117 Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
Hey Paul :) hope you are well
working on anything new?
DrZalgo Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016…
Hi Mr Hanley, not sure if you remember, but I made a timeline putting all your 'I'll Draw Anyone As the Doctor' Doctor's together. I've just added the Silurian Doctor, and it turns out that you've been showrunner from 1996 to 2022.

That's longer than the entire Classic Series. You're my favourite dictator you wonderful man I am a dummy! 

Keep up the awesome work!
Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner Edited Jan 7, 2016
Hello Paul Hanley, your Doctor Who art is very awesome including some of the redesigns of the creatures like the Axons and the Vervoids, the concepts in the show are amazing but i do not like the visuals in DW series due to budget and the presence of too many human-like aliens (that includes the doctor himself), also what do you think about the possibilities of Alien life in the universe?, in my opinion aliens would be more like those H.R Giger aliens, the weird aliens by Wayne Barlowe, the bizarre creatures of Jean Giraud and beings with radically different or incomprehensible shapes than anything humanoid.
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Professional

Not looking to get off on TOO long of a far-out discussion here, but... yeah-  other life in the Universe is pretty much a mathematical inevitability.  Even if one's looking at things through religious eyes, it'd be awfully weird if God made a cosmos this big just to contain us. Why all the wasted space (and time and dimensions)???  Will we ever meet those aliens, on the other hand... that's a lot less likely.  Aside from how briefly we're here and the distances involved (and the energy needed to cover those distances)... I just don't expect we'd have much that could justify all the fuss of getting here.  

Obviously, I like to embellish DW's designs past the show's budget in my own work, but the show's lack of funds has never killed my enjoyment of it.  Any kind of storytelling asks ya for a little suspension of disbelief.   But out of all the artists you listed, I've always liked Barlowe's the best and those have probably informed my own creature stuff the most.  He always considers the "ecosystem" aspect of everything he designs and that makes his work feel a lot more "real" than most artists.   
Xhodocto385 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016
i believe that any kind of life can exist in our universe, that includes life based on all elements of the periodic table and unknown elements, life based on the four states of matter and other states of matter too, non-corporeal life, living celestial bodies, life based on the four fundamental forces, life based on different types of hypothetical exotic matter and abstract stuff, i believe in god and he/she/it could never have a waste of space.

about DW i have a very tiny suspension of disbelief, but there is some problems i have regarding the appearance of the Time Lords looking human, the canon explanation is that humans look time lord because they came first and Rassilon seeded the most of the universe with humanoids, in my opinion i don't like that explanation since it reeks of anthropocentrism, i would prefer my theory that Gallifreyans have a incomprehensible true form that human minds can't understand, much like how the TARDIS uses the perception filter to appear as a police box and even the TARDIS could use a perception filter to make alien landscapes appear familiar and alien species appear humanoid to explain why other alien races in DW look human.
ginovanta Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
hi paul!didn't you make an illustration of richard griffiths as rhe doctor with a white haired master? ( i don't remember what actor you "casted") i can't find it anymore
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Professional
I think you mean the Robbie Coltrane one with  Terrence Stamp as the Master.  I deleted it a while back along with a lot of other ones.  I do "purges" of old stuff every couple years or so- sometimes I just get tired of looking at some pieces, plus I like to keep the number of items on display reasonable.  I'm extra tough on the DW work, since there's so much of it.
ginovanta Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
i think that was the fact i wasn't sure about the doctor even, just remembered it was fat XD. P.S. i don't want to tell you how to do your work,but have you ever considered to delete old versions of some updated piece,for example the old doctors wallpaper or the master piece without missy? this way mayve you could keep on show works that are much diverse 😉
ginovanta Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
i think that was the fact i wasn't sure about the doctor even, just remembered it was fat XD. P.S. i don't want to tell you how to do your work,but have you ever considered to delete old versions of some updated piece,for example the old doctors wallpaper or the master piece without missy? this way mayve you could keep on show works that are much diverse 😉
PaulHanley Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Professional
Well, we're probably getting into WAY more boring detail than most people on the front page are ever gonna care to read about, but since you ask... :D  I usually do delete the old versions of things for exactly the reasons you mentioned.  The current Masters pic IS the old one- I just updated the file.  That's why it says it was posted in 2012, even though Missy's in it.  I've predicted some things on the show a few times, but I'm not THAT good. ;)

The sad truth is that usually when I leave an old version of something up it's b/c it's been pirated a lot and I need the exact original file and upload date to prove it's mine each time I report it to the proper authorities.  That's why two of the Doctor lineups and the old Cybermen museum pic are still up- those get ripped off and put up on illicit merch constantly.  I also kept the old version of the lineup where Matt Smith's in the center b/c that's my favorite version just b/c I liked that composition best (the one with Capaldi's a bit too crowded, I think- it's definitely the last update that pic will get).      
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